Monthly Yield

High Flexibility

Multiple Staking Packages

Referral Commissions

Capital Preservation

Plan Packages

  • Daily = 0.0027%
  • Monthly = 0.081%
  • Yearly = 0.9855%
  • Daily = 0.015%
  • Monthly = 0.45%
  • Yearly = 5.4%
  • Daily = 0.07%
  • Monthly = 2.1%
  • Yearly = 25.2%
  • Daily = 0.2%
  • Monthly = 6%
  • Yearly = 72%
  • Daily = 0.45%
  • Monthly = 13.5%
  • Yearly = 162%
  • Monthly reward withdraw and captial locked for 1 year

WITTY Capital Liquidation

Early liquidation
(0-3 months)
50 % Charge
(4-8 months)
30 % Charge
Intermediate Liquidation
Final liquidation
(9-11 months)
20 % Charge

Frequently Asked Questions

WITTY Staking is our way of rewarding you for believing in the vision enough to want to hold the WTY Tokens for the long term.

When you stake the WTY Token;

1.      You earn passive income monthly while preserving your staked capital.

2.     You play a major role in helping the WTY Token appreciate in value if a significant chunk of the circulating supply of the token is mopped up from circulation and staked.

3.     You earn commissions if your referrals stake the WTY Token.


There are currently four (4) categories of packages within which you can stake the WTY Token. You are free to stake multiple packages of the same category or combine multiple packages of different categories.

Rewards are payable monthly and can be withdrawn at any time.

All staking categories are for a period of One (1) year after which you can decide to stake for another One-year duration.

The duration of the Staking Contract is One-Year. However, you can decide to terminate your Staking Contract before the maturation but liquidation charges will apply

Yes, however, there are costs/penalties attached to the early liquidation of your staked capital.

Rewards don’t get automatically credited to your Trustwallet or Metamask, you’d have to withdraw it after going through the required authentication aimed at protecting your assets.

The video tutorial is available in the WITTY Club membership area. You’d have to buy WITTY from the P2P platform, transfer it to your Trustwallet and then use your sponsor’s link to access the Staking site to conclude the Staking process.

We currently only support WTY Token for Staking.

You don’t. Your WTY Token needs to be in your Trustwallet pr Metamask wallet from where you’ll launch the DApps to Stake.


Yes, you earn a referral commission of 5%, 3%, and 2% respectively for First, Second, and Third level referrals

All transactions on our Staking Platform are done in WTY

The system is Global and will work in every country where there's internet access. However, if you live in a jurisdiction where Crypto is banned, then we expect that you don't use our platform

There's only a minimum but no maximum as you can stake multiple packages

All initial staking is for a one-year maturation period. You can stake for another one year after the initial maturity

Referral Commision Level

1 st Level

5% of staked amount

2 nd Level

3% of staked amount

3 rd Level

2% of staked amount